Overcoming Writer’s Block: 10 Great Writing Prompts

Writer’s block sucks. Overcoming writer’s block? That’s even worse!

When you find yourself with a bit of time to write but just can’t get going, what you need is a great prompt to get started.

Or maybe just a coffee. What do I know? I just work here.

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Overcoming Writer’s Block: 10 Great Writing Prompts

1) The Fly

You’ve been given a choice. Your DNA can be spliced with any animal, even and animal that’s extinct. But you can only choose one and the process is irreversible. You will receive powers but also weaknesses. And you’ll probably look pretty ugly as well.
Still, it’s better than dying in this hospital bed. What do you choose. What powers do you receive, and just how ugly do you end up?


2) Flavour Saviour

Aunty Tulips famous ice cream store is in trouble. They desperately need some new flavours to stay up to date with today’s trends. That’s where you come in. Think you got what it takes to make the most daring, delicious and dastardly ice cream flavours this town has every seen?

3) Mr Wolf

You’ve heard of the Wolf in sheep’s clothing but have you heard of the opposite. A sheep pretending to be a wolf. That’s me, and I’m gonna tell you just how I did it. And how I’ve managed to stay at the top four so long.


4) Bring Roses

If we had to be on time I suppose it wouldn’t matter so much. But we were late. Late to our own grandmother’s funeral. Now me and my sister are in trouble. There’s going to be he’ll to pay.


5) That Stench!

“That smell, that vile odour, that horrible, noxious, wafting scent that… That… That beautiful bouquet, that delightful emanation that…”

6) New Kids In Town

Funny where life takes you. We were just small town kids with big dreams. Now we’re on the run, keeping bad secrets. This is our forth town in as many months. Maybe, finally, we’ll find a place where the past won’t catch up with us.


7) Drop Dead Frank

They say it was a growth spurt, puberty and all that. But I swear if you saw him before, just the other day in fact, you never would have believed is the same kid. It’s still Frank Stein alright, but in a different body…

8) You Can Make Friends With Salad

It’s the day of the party and Jordan’s forgot to pick up meat for the barbecue. Look’s like it’s up to Marcia to show everyone just how great salad can be. If only she had some tomatoes from that beautiful garden next door…


9) Bagel Toss

They say he’s the quickest thumb in the city. Can hook a bagel on a hat rack from 20 feet. Then the mob broke his thumbs. The streets won’t be safe again until a new Bagel Master steps forward.


10) When Will You Learn

Knives go in the knives drawer, but where does the cat go?

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