The Party | Nicola Messer


The Party

Nicola Messer

The Gift of Returning Award


“Tonight’s going to be incredible,” laughed Simon as he watched the Christmas tree decorate itself.

“Absolutely wicked,” agreed James. He too, was watching the Christmas tree. “I can’t believe this is actually happening, I can’t believe we’re doing this again.”

A smirk appeared on both of the boys faces. After tonight, they were going to solidify their name in the Melbourne College of Witches and Warlocks hall of fame. They were going to continue their legendary reign.

“Remember last year? Remember Professor Watson’s face? He was mental,” James sniggered.

“Well, this year’s going to be even better. The boys are back in town!”

James and Simon were known amongst the school for being absolute trouble. This very same day last year, they threw a Christmas party for the upperclassmen. While this sounds like a good idea in theory, it was quite the opposite in practice. After breaking rule 73 of the Student Code of Conduct; ‘use of a prohibited slippery surface,’ they ended up facing an immediate expulsion. Safe to say, wizards and waterslides don’t mix.

“Which rule are we going to break this year? We’ve got to keep the tradition alive,” Simon winked, “I was thinking either, rule 89; ‘the school song must always be sung in key,’ or rule 104; ‘there should be no more than one ring worn on each hand at all times.’”

“I’ve already got that covered,” James waved his left hand about – five glorious golden rings adorned his fingers, he looked like Boy George.

The upperclassmen common room was nearly ready: the ceiling played host to a choir of carol-singing cherubs, and warm Christmas pudding flew around the room on tiny plates. The Christmas tree smiled contently at being completely decorated, the only thing left to do now was spike the eggnog.

Simon stood in front of James in his ‘party clothes,’ which consisted of ripped jeans, old-looking Converse, and a filthy jumper (apparently, it once was what Simon called ‘ravishing,’ but after years of partying and questionable choices, it has now turned as unexpected shade of blue. It was once green).

“I can smell the excitement from here,” smiled Simon, “should we let them in?”

“That’s not even a question,” replied James as he waved his hands; opening the door letting the eager party-goers spill into the room. The room was suddenly filled with noise, hoots of excitement and praise ricocheted off the walls. The boys were pulled into the cacophony of admiration, it was obvious that their mischievous ways were missed. They had to fight their way to the front of the room to officially welcome their adoring fans.

“I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this, and we are here to please.” James shouted to copious amounts of applause. “This is our gift to you, our loyal fans.”

The boys looked to each other before both smirking to the party, “let the festivities begin!”

The Gift of Returning Award

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