Patrick : Year 10 At Kookaburra College, 199_ | Nick Lachmund

Patrick’s fantasies would make George R.R. Martin blush.

Patrick : Year 10 At Kookaburra College, 199_

By Nick Lachmund

For The Trilogy Award Part 1 Award


Year ten is a year of transition. During the year, a number of students will leave and enter the workforce by choice. Others will limp through, only to be asked not to come back the following year by honest teachers. Patrick Redford recently became the latter. As we join him, he is drinking his ninth beer, standing on his own on the outskirts of an end of year party at a local park. Most of his year level are present but they pretend that Patrick isn’t. Why would the biggest bully and prick in the school, who has no friends at all come to an end of year party? They’re all thinking it. Patrick’s attendance confuses, angers and worries the children around him.

Patrick sips long and hard from his beer. He downs it quickly, tosses it onto the ground and grabs can number ten from his esky. Patrick’s attendance is motivated by two factors. The first is his sadness at not returning to school next year. Although most of the people at the party hate him, he’s going to miss them. They are the closest things to friends he’s ever had. He knows that no one will ask for his phone number or address before they leave the party.  None of them will ring, write or visit next year. The thought makes a cloud of sadness sweep over Patrick so he quickly finishes beer ten and grabs number eleven.

Not many kids from school know about Patrick’s home life. Most assume that he comes from a poor, violent family. But that’s not that case. His parents are still married and both have full time employment. They could perhaps be described as neglectful, but certainly not abusive. Patrick has one sibling, an older sister named Leah who has just finished her first year of university. Patrick has had every opportunity to be a good student and a good person. But he is neither. He has always had trouble managing his urges and regulating his emotions. But as he went through puberty, things got more challenging. The truth is, since puberty began, Patrick has wanted to fuck everyone and everything around him and this is the main factor for his behavioural issues. Not a soul alive knows this fact, other than Patrick himself.

Patrick tends to relieve his sexual tension regularly, sometimes two or three times a day. At nights, while he in enclosed in the safety and silence of his bedroom, his head fills with wild and violent fantasies involving almost everyone he knows. Males and females are equally represented in his fantasies, but he has exhausted the limits of his imagination with his fantasies about Leah. In his mind, Patrick has done everything and anything to his sister that he could ever imagine. Leah is his ultimate muse and the fact that she is his sister only increases his excitement when he thinks about her. She is his forbidden fruit.

However, despite his overactive libido and enjoyment for fantasy, Patrick is still technically a virgin. This is a fact that pains and embarrasses him. He has performed a few sexual acts over the years with both boys and girls, (some willing participants…) but he has never managed to seal the deal. Patrick’s ultimate goal tonight is to lose his ‘V’ plates with a girl from school. That’s the second motivator for his attendance. He knows it’s going to be tough, given that almost all of the girls are scared shitless of him, but he remains hopeful. He needs to stay attentive and look out for opportunities.

As the party draws to a close, most of the children leave quickly, exiting the parklands in every direction. Patrick watches as the last few kids leave the park, not even bothering to look back at him. The group scatters in all directions. One person catches Patrick’s eye. A pretty girl named Evelyn stumbles away on her own, heading down a dark, secluded stretch of parkland that runs along the river. Patrick hesitates for a moment before deciding to follow her. Perhaps tonight is going to be something to remember after all, he thinks to himself.