Pedal Zombies: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction

If you like your Cycling, SciFi and/or feminism then you might want to check out Elly Blue’s Kickstarter for Pedal Zombies. 

13 short pieces about the state of ‘The Situation’, where Zombies and humans must live together regardless of their race, creed or colour. It looks pretty darn interesting. From the Kickstarter page

The risks are many! The Undead Liberation Front is growing stronger by the day as more and more are bitten, and the living are becoming increasingly militant in response. Any person caught in possession of this book or other ZLA materials may be in grave danger. We recommend that you discard this book immediately after reading, or pass it to another sympathizer or potential ally with the utmost discretion. Thank you for your support. Together, we seek a third way!

Pedal Zombies is the third annual Bikes In Space anthology, collections of feminist authors and SciFi  genres. Well try and get our hands on a copy when it comes out.

Also Pedal Zombies inspired prompt has been added to Sci Fi Prompt page!