The Pet Sanctuary | Sachin Sharma

The ? shall inherit the earth.

The Pet Sanctuary

Sachin Sharma

Sanctuary of Lost Souls Award


Year 2055 saw a huge number of people shifting to Mars. The Pets Sanctuary was suddenly home to an unmanageable number of pets left behind.

It was unusually noisy tonight. The pets were in animated discussions on each specie’s candidature to take up the spot humans would leave behind on earth.

With every extinction, a restructuring of species has occurred over time. It happened when dinosaurs went missing and then dodos. Tigers, whales, elephants and rhinos have been replaced in the last three decades.

The dogs and cats both claimed of being the closest to modern humans and hence perceived themselves as natural replacement. All other pets like iguanas, turtles, parrots, pigs and goldfish had given up on their candidatures. They genuinely didn’t see what was all the fuss about.

The debate had reached a level where spokespeople were selected. Riga the spokesdog and Billi the spokescat were talking, while others meowed, woofed, growled, purred and barked depending the number of teeth they had – 30 or 42.

“The humans shared their deepest secrets with us. While you were busy cuddling around, we witnessed their inner conflicts. Humans loved us” Billi expressed licking her pubic hair.

“Well, humans loved us all, but what about the love they got in return? You seemed to have ‘tolerated’ their love…I don’t remember the last time you smooched a human.” Riga said with a smirk.

“That’s because your memory lasts 70 seconds. Let me remind you, humans used you as toys, they selectively bred you…and you think they were friendly to you. Wake up and sniff the coffee you bitch!”

“Meowoooooh” the cats sang in unison as a Pug tried to hide behind a Retriever.

“Oh, don’t be a pussy about it, WE changed a lot because we were their true friends.. YOU have not been with humans long enough to become genetically civilised.”

The Barking grew louder applauding Riga’s remark.

“Bitch please! We haven’t been around for long! Who was buried with the Pharaoh you wet-nose! Throughout the human civilisation you were used for mere surveillance…” said Billi

“And moreover, what kind of friends leave you behind and go to ‘Bars’?”

“Because they…wait…what? BARS?…haha. It’s MARS…”, guffawed Riga.

“What’s MARS,” Billi asked maintaining her cool.

“MARS…The little red dot…”

Billi’s eyes suddenly became larger than her mouth and she shouted, “RED DOT!!! WHERE?”

The cats went berserk on hearing about the red dot. And the dogs followed them in the cacophony.

“Oh! shut up ye morons,” the human care taker shouted.

“Wait till tomorrow and ye all shall be sent to the cryogenics lab and frozen for life.”