To enter this award simply tweet your best Sci Fi micro story using the  hashtag #NITH by the competition deadline. You can enter as many times as you want. We’ll scoure the hashtag for our favourites, place the short list on our website, and the winner will be decided from there. This is a good… Read More


“I woke up as the sun was reddening; and that was the one distinct time in my life, the strangest moment of all, when I didn’t know who I was – I was far away from home, haunted and tired with travel, in a cheap hotel room I’d never seen, hearing the hiss of steam… Read More


This award is now closed. Full short list here: Compile a list of best sellers for the year 2020. You can choose ‘fiction’ or ‘nonfiction’ or both. You can focus on a particular genre or invent your own one. Include brief descriptions of the books be they novels, short story compilations, essays, travelogues etc… Read More


Sometimes it’s the little things that count. In 800 words or less write a story about a character’s NORMAL SUCCESS! Make sure to include a white picket fence in there somewhere. And remember, what’s one person’s everyday win is another’s life changing experience.   Announced: 10 Oct 2014 Submission Date: 20 Nov 2014 Short List:… Read More


[highlight style=”1,2″]This award is now closed[/highlight] To see the complete shortlist, click here. In three hundred words or less write a story. Any story you like. Seriously. Anything. In another three hundred words write a second draft. Get clever. Like Run Lola Run, or maybe like a repeatable quest For the third draft, make it… Read More


Submissions for this award are now closed. Full short list can be found here.   Write a story that combines the normal elements of fiction character, plot, dialogue, themes) with elements of essay, review and criticism. You may use snippets from an invented thesis, passages from reviews on a made up product, the power is… Read More


Tell us a profound story by revealing as little as possible. In the minimalist style of Ernest Hemingway, show us the meaning in what lies beneath the surface of your story. Don’t explain this meaning or describe it. In other words: show us, don’t tell us. Also referred to as the “theory of omission,” Hemingway’s… Read More

lord grimdark

[highlight style=”1,2″]   THIS AWARD IS NOW CLOSED [/highlight] Click here to see the short list  Grimdark: A grim story in a dark world. Endings that don’t particularly favour the protagonist and a bit of black humour are the stalwarts of this genre.   Channel your inner Joe Abercrombie. Write a piece of fiction that… Read More


[highlight style=”1,2″]This Award is now CLOSED[/highlight]       In a 1992 letter to Canadian humorist John Robert Colombo, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke recounts: While lunching with friends at a restaurant (variously identified as Luchow’s or The Algonquin), Hemingway bets the table ten dollars each that he can craft an entire story in six words. After the pot is… Read More


  This collaboration is for the genres of fantasy, sci fi, and speculative fiction genres. We’re looking for stories between 4-6k that deliver interesting perspectives on the standards of the genre(s). Particularly, for this collab, we’re interested in stories that intersect. Chance How did they meet? Was it coincidence that brought you here or is… Read More