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This collaboration is for the genres of fantasy, sci fi, and speculative fiction genres. We’re looking for stories between 4-6k that deliver interesting perspectives on the standards of the genre(s). Particularly, for this collab, we’re interested in stories that intersect.


How did they meet? Was it coincidence that brought you here or is there something else at play? Maybe you’re protagonist is down on her luck? Is it fate that that set her on this path, or is the universe random, dispassionate, and without a care.


What is the history of your world. Was there beginning or is it endless revolution. Do your characters share a common origin, or are they worlds apart?

There is six spots available max for this workshop, so if you’re looking for a more intimate group with very few restrictions and want to let your imagination run wild, this could be the one for you.

Send an email outlining your story brief to needleinthehaywritingcomp (@)

Details below.


Genres: Fatansy, Sci Fi, Speculation

Word Count: 4000 – 6000

Themes: Chance and Origin

Brief: 200 words by Sept 10

First Draft Period: Sept 22 – October 12

Second Draft Period: Oct 13 – Nov 9

Third Draft: Nov 10 – Nov 30