Categories Awards, Closed
Submission Due 2014-07-06
Word Count 700 – 1100
Prize $150 (AUD or equivalent)

Short List and Winner Announcement here.



Han dwrite or type (typewriter) a fictional letter to a well known historical person or celebrity (past or present) from a long lost relative (can be fictional).

Letters are first person narration, so compose something that shows an understanding of the unreliable narrator as well as the life, achievements, and pitfalls of the subject’s life.

The submission should be hand written and legible or typed on a typewriter. You’ll have to scan the letter and send it in as images. You can use deliberate misspellings, illumination (drawing in the margins etc) to help tell your story.


Announced: 6 June 2014

Submission Date: 6 July 2014

Short List: 7 – 20 July 2014

Winner Announced: 21 July 2014

Word Count: 700 – 1100

Prizes: $150  (AUD or equivalent)

Special Criteria: MUST BE HANDWRITTEN or typed on a typewriter.