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5/12 spots remaining 

For this collaboration we’re asking you to draw from  folklore and fairy tales from all over the world updated and adapted for the modern age.

You may wish to pick a single tale, like Cinderella, The Bamboo of 100 Joints, or The Silent Princess, or you may wish to combine elements of a number of stories.

Authors should consider the changing nature of society, how the mores and taboos presented in folk lore may have changed, and the role of myth and story telling in the 21st Century.

Submissions should be between 3 – 5 thousand words in length.



We’ll be running a workshop where authors can trade drafts with a small group to hone their finished product. The workshop will run from September to November 2014.  To participate, send a 300 word brief to needleinthehaywritingcomp (@) The brief should touch on:


  • The plot of your story
  • Themes and influences
  • The major characters and their relationships to each other
  • The tales and lore that inspired your story.


Spots in the workshop are limited to twelve participants. However we’ll also accept final drafts by the end of November if the workshop fills up.

For more information on our collaborations, see our write-up on collaborations here