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“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.”
Edgar Allan Poe

Contest Guidelines

Write a story no more than 700 words that looks at the grotesque beauty of the human body. Take for your inspiration a portrait or work of art that is well known to you.


There should be at leaast 3 characters in the story. The needn’t all be human. There is no gender or age requirements.


The story can be set in any time or place. There are no restrictions.

Due Date

The contest is due on the 12th March 2015 for a 13 March Short List.

Special Requirements

Include a windmill in your story. Try to make it more then just a throw away line or a model sitting on a mantlepiece.

Entry Fees

This is a free short story contest open to everyone. There are no eligibility requirements.