Categories Awards, Closed
Submission Due 2014-10-06
Word Count 1000-1750
Prize $100 (AUD)


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Grimdark: A grim story in a dark world. Endings that don’t particularly favour the protagonist and a bit of black humour are the stalwarts of this genre.

Channel your inner Joe Abercrombie. Write a piece of fiction that cleaves its way through the any genre, where bad things are done for good reasons, and the square jawed hero or pure evil antagonist are lost in the shades of grey in between.
A sword/axe/fist finding its merry way into a foe or three probably wouldn’t go astray either.
This award is sponsored by Grimdark Magazine. The top 3 stories as selected by their editor, Adrian Collins, will appear on Grimdark Magazine’s Facebook page.

Announced: 7 August 2014

Submission Date: 6 October 2014

Short List: 6-19 October 2014

Winner Announced: 20 October 2014

Word Count: 1000-1750

Prizes: $100 (AUD or equivalent) Top three selected to appear on Grimdark Magazine’s Facebook Page