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Short List

The Great Chicken Stand Off by Amber McGlothlin

Under The Full Moon by Vannessa Ho

  The Refusal Of Bliss by Ray Waton

 Testing the Limit by Maurice Said

 A Single Pawn by Alistair Bouch

 Intolerance and Independence by Emily Dickey

 The Fake And The Furious by Joey To

The Rhythm War by Debb Bouch (Winner!)

 Breakfast Table Espionage by Mansavi Mudgal

Biased Amity by Vishnu Priya Vemulapalli

 Letter To My Stalker by Sacha Hope

Untitled by Emma Kirkby


Create a story of a duel. It can be a duel of flintlocks, blades, minds, opinions, Connect 4  abilities – anything where one human being pits themselves against another.

Successful submissions will work outside the norm. Surprise, entertain, and subvert the obvious.



Announced: 2 June 2013

Submission Date: 9 June 2013

Short List: 10 June –  16 June 2013

Winner Announced: 17 June 2013

Word Count: 600 – 1000

Prizes: $100 (AUD or equivalent)

Eligibility: Open to everyone



This award was inspired by Adrian Collins, one of our regular contestants. He has graciously volunteered to be on of our judges for this award.