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Short List

The Doorbell by Maya Spore

Double Crossed by Bamber McG (Amber McGlothlin)

 Tomato Paste by Amanda Forsmen-Sundall

 The Adventure Of The Failed Choreographer by Debb Bouch

 A Teardrop In My Heart by Cory O’Neile

 Glory Hole by Tracey Marks

 U.F.P Bajor by Joey To

Really Bad by Gabriela Blagoeva

Sharp Twist Of The Heart by Erin Biglia

 The Man With The Scary Eyes by Alex Braude (Winner!)

 The Unbearable Lightness Of Black Holes by Jason Fink

 House Of Discovery by Lachlan Bunney



Write something deliberately bad, without breaking the rules of spelling or grammar.

Bad means crappy. Can something be crappy and enjoyable? Probably. They gave EL James a contract.

Include the phrase

“No, this is definitely tomato paste.”

Some of you will be better at this than others.


UPDATE: Submissions should include a couple of paragraphs on why they think their submission is ‘Bad’.



Announced: 10 Nov 2013

Submission Date: 30 Nov 2013

Short List: 1 Dec – 14 Dec 2013

Winner Announced: 15 Dec 2013

Word Count: 500 – 1100

Prizes: $150 (AUD or equivalent)

Eligibility: Open to everyone