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Short List

On Salsa And Curse Words by Nat Happe

 <3 by Rowan Chestnut (Winner!)

  Friendship by Ken Chinichi

The Day I Fell Apart by Annabel Owen

 Person and Personality by Dennis Carroll

The Rescue by Alison Klippenstein

 Two Clones Walk Into A Bar by Lance Cross

 Online Dating by Alexia Dickenson

 Cardboard Communication by P.A. Rogers

 Five Random Romantic Moments by Carmel O’Connor

Love Or Attachment by William Alexander



This one’s a shout out for Maya Spore, who’s been helping out behind the scenes at needle. An award tailor made for the modern romantic… Whatever that might be.


Write something dealing with 21st century romance, sex, dating, relationships etc. This needn’t be confined to #firstworldproblems but it can be. Humour often works. If you’re going to get X rated… Just a dash please… Nothing more.




Announced:  13 Jan 2014

Submission Date: 5th Feb 2014

Short List: 6-18 Feb 2014

Winner Announced: 19 Feb 2014

Word Count: 400 – 800

Prizes: $100 (AUD or equivalent)

Eligibility: Open to everyone