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This week’s award was inspired by a blog post at by Shoshana Kessock


Short List

Prudence Demands by Joey To

 (Un)common Sense by Debb Bouch (Winner!)

The Monk by Alex Braude

 Freedom by Nicolas Hornyak

The Elevator by Jason Fink





‘The fact that the comic spends so much time focusing on Lois’ death as the inciting incident for the entire plot only proves that Lois is being treated as a set piece, an emotional focal point for Superman, and not as a character. Utilizing a female character as a crutch for developing the emotional life of a male protagonist is lazy, hackneyed writing at its worst and does disservice to the development of a narrative around Superman. That’s saying nothing of the disservice it does to comic fans by leaning so heavily on the old damsel in distress/violence against woman bag.’

For the award, write a piece of fiction set in an original superhero universe where the central protagonist,  female, defies the women in refrigerators trope.  It’s expected the protagonist should be a without super powers.



Announced: April 5th 2013

Submission Date: April 19th 2013

Short List: 20 April – 4th May 2013

Winner Announced: 5th May 2013

Word Count: 800 – 1500

Prizes: $250

Eligibility: Open to everyone