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Short List

No Hard Feelings by Joey To (Winner!)

 The Relegated by Amber McGlothlin

 Through The Tangle by Nathan Boole

 The Psychic And The Cyborg by Debb Bouch

Some Mornins by Adrian Collins

 Illusion Eyes by James Troschke




Science fiction mixed with cynicism, future (mis)guided by nostalgia, where the sentimental meets the artificial. Create a piece of fiction that fits firmly in the category of space noir.

Think Gattica and Blade Runner, think M. John Harrison’s Nova Swing. This is a chance to speculate about humanity, not just about how we will be, but how we are right now.

And Iexpect at least one submission about a detective.

Here are the details.


Announced: Feb 8 2013

Submission Date: Feb 22 2013

Short List: Feb 23- March  9 2013

Winner Announced: March 10 2013

Word Count:1500 – 2000

Prizes: $250

Eligibility: Open to everyone