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Short List

Letter from HW by Clarissa NG

 (Dis)Harmony by Dakoda Barker

Broken Hill by Dennis Carroll

 Asterisms Over Fitzroy by Tyne Daile

 Reef w/Footnote by Kirk Graham

 Sydney, Australia by Daniel Norrish

 The Paradox Of Drought by Candace Davis

 White Cliffs And Walkways by Edwin Lerner

 A Postcard from Paradise by Beth Merindah

 Stolen Property by Alayna Cole (Winner!)

 Earth, Wind, Rock & Water by Annabel Owen


Natural landmarks are an important part of our world heritage. Beyond tourist attractions and wall calendars, they are proof of planet earth’s evolving and ever changing existence. They also influence the stories we tell. Be it twisted tree, a snaking river, or rock formations worn by the elements.

Compose a piece of landscape prose or prose poetry. It can deal with your natural surrounds, urban environments or the relationship between the two. It’s not necessary to overly beautify the landscape, but, like a painter, see if you can breathe 21st century life and metaphor into the world as we know it.


Announced:  11 Feb 2014

Submission Date: 5 9th March 2014

Short List: 6-18 10-21 March 2014

Winner Announced: 19 22 March 2014

Word Count: 400 – 1000

Prizes: $75 to the winner $75 donated to GetUp!  Fight for the Reef or the Barrier Reef protection fund of your choice (AUD or equivalent)

Eligibility: Open to everyone