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Short List

Empty Gestured, Venom Threaded by Erin Biglia

 The Cat by Alexia Dickson

 My Oasis, My Love by Amber McGlothlin (Winner!)

 The Wheel by Alistair Robinson

 Doldrums by Rachel Calleja



This is our second performance poetry award.

Off the back of a successful first comp, we thought we’d increase the prize money.

Write and perform a poem that deals with themes of, karma, giving what you get, circle of life and death.

Annnndddd…. Include an animal of your choosing (could be more than one) in the poem.


The KARMA ANIMAL Poetry Award

Announced: Jan 30 2014

Deadline: Feb 26 2014

Shortlist: Feb 27 – March 5 2014

Winner Announced: March 6 2014

Length of Poem: 5 minute maximum on performance time. (Can be a minute or less if you like. No minimum requirement).

Prize:   $150 First prize, $50 People’s Choice, all short list eligible for July Invitational

Eligibility: Everyone