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Short List

Ultrareality by Nathan Boole

 Of Integrity and Retail by Amber McGlothlin

 Rack and Ruined by Lance Cross

 Root by Maya Spore

 The Eggxtreme Constantine by Cory O’Neile (Winner!)

Mitzy by Nausheen Mohamed

 An Average Medium by Andrea Drew

That Guy by Clarissa N G

 50 Bales Of Hay by Tracey Marks

The Heist by Vannessa Ho

 Fried Eggs by Joey To

 A Walk In The Park by Brooke Edwards




I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.

-Steven Wright


Writing humour, it’s not as easy as you think.

Can you get a belly laugh out of the judges? A snicker? A smirk?

Are you the next P.G. Wodenhouse, the next Nora Ephron?

Write something, 400-1000 words. Put an egg in there somewhere, so we know you’re not cheating.



Announced: 15 Nov2013

Submission Date: 1 Nov 2013

Short List: 2 Nov – 15 Nov 2013

Winner Announced: 16 Nov 2013

Word Count: 400 – 1000

Prizes: $150 (AUD or equivalent)

Eligibility: Open to everyone