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Short List

Getting Stuffed (The Hard Way) by Candace Davis

Restaurant of Death by Jewel Gray

Prized Possession by Guem Hye (Winner!)

 Camilla by Kirstin Whalen (People’s Choice)

The Jungle Room by Alexander Konnaris

 Dead Tiger by Disapol Savetsila

 Nothing Good On TV by Lance Cross

The Non-Existent Prodigy by Nat Happe (Winner!)

A Peculiar Gift by Daniel Norrish

 Mo by Maya Spore

No One Likes A Critic by Debb Bouch

Taxidermy: The art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals for display. To practice taxidermy one must be familiar with anatomy, sculpture and painting, as well as tanning (Wiki). Undertaking taxidermy requires you to obtain a licence from the government.

Write a piece that deals with this… art form. It can be humourous, menacing, melancholy or a mixture of the above. It can be the basis for the narrative or it can be a mere (or meaningful) aside.

Include mention of old school antennaed tv in the story somehow.

And while we’re on about tv, here are some quotes from a rather excellent television show to get you thinking:

“The future’s behind you, like it’s always been behind you”
– Hart, True Detective

“Everbody knows there’s something wrong with them. They just don’t know what it is.”
-Cohle, True Detective

“This is a world where nothing is ever solved.”
– Cohle, True Detective



Announced:  3 March 2014

Submission Date: 22 March 2014

Short List: 24 March – 4 April 2014

Winner Announced: 5 April 2014

Word Count: 1000– 1600

Prizes: $100 Winner, $50 People’s Choice (AUD or equivalent)

Eligibility: Open to everyone