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Short List

The Verity Records by Joey To

 Thirty Blue Floors by Adrian Collins

 An Apocolypse Cometh to Oscar Lennon by Ashleigh Mounser (Winner!)

 The Shadowlands by Alex Finlayson

 Creatures of the Fog by Joanna Murphy

 Nerve Centre by Nathan Boole

 Spelling Lessons by Debb Bouch

 What Is And What Will Never Be by Tegan Kelly





If you are reading this the you have successfully survived the predicted apocalypse of 2012.

To celebrate your continued survival, write a short prologue to an epic work of genre fiction. It can be Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or any of the myriad sub genres.

The details are:


Announced: Jan 07 2013

Submission Date: Jan 21 2013

Short List: Jan 22- 27 2013

Winner Announced: Jan 29 2013

Word Count: 700- 1000

Prizes: $200

Eligibility: Open to EVERYBODY on PLANET EARTH