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Short List

For A Moment by Jewel Gray (Winner!)

 Repetition by Rebecca Xu

Country Boy by Michael Drew

 Her Painted Melody by Candace Davis

 Four Legged Ballet by Madeline Pettet

 A Drop In The Ocean by Alayna Cole

 Scream by Levi Ender

Of Heart And Mind by Kristy Armitage


This prose award is sponsored by the lovely Rosalie Atie. Check the Eligibility requirements, it’s for newbies. 


Write a short story with the theme of music and it’s connection to a character / characters

How does it influence the character(s) behaviour and choices?

Are they a music creator? Appreciator?

Maybe they are not even aware of the role of the tune in their head.

If you’re going to borrow lyrics then give credit where it’s due. Maybe try writing some of your own lyrics, too




Announced:  20 Jan 2014

Submission Date: 18th Feb 2014

Short List: 19-26 Feb 2014

Winner Announced: 27 Feb 2014

Word Count:  500 – 1000

Prizes: 1st place $100, 2nd place $50  (AUD or equivalent)

Eligibility: Open anyone not yet short listed on for a prose award.