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Short List

Babyface by Rachel Calleja

Polyphony / If Only by Lorin Elizabeth

 Dinner For Stew by Cory O’Neile



 This is a Performance Poetry Competition. Check the Guidelines


Write and perform a poem / spoken word piece about a missed opportunity.

It can be from your own life, someone you know, or a good bit of fiction.

Must include a vegetable. Celery, carrot… aubergine?

This is a grass roots award aimed at providing aspiring poets a chance to compete in an inclusive, low pressure environment.



Announced: Jan 5 2014

Deadline: Jan 26 2014

Shortlist: Jan 27 – Feb 4 2014

Winner Announced: Feb 5 2014

Length of Poem: 5 minute maximum on performance time. (Can be a minute or less if you like. No minimum requirement).

Prize:   $100 First prize, $30 People’s Choice, all short list eligible for July Invitational

Eligibility: Everyone