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Short List

Impermanence by Jason Fink (Winner!)

 Aristocrats are Fucking Rats by Alistair Robertson

 In Marcello by Vannessa Ho

 Alexi’s Last Match by Debb Bouch

 The Best of Times, The Worst Of Times by Cory O’Neile

 Who’s Acting? by Raquel Espasande

 Bobby by Umir Azfar Khan

Change the World by Shoshana Kessock

Love Struck by Tracey Marks

Addiction by Adrian Collins

 A Most Distasteful Telling by Alex Braude

Write something where one character speaks, emotes, and generally behaves  in an overly dramatic or highly emotional way. How they relate to more reserved characters is key to the theme.

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The piece should include the phrase,

“Down with the aristocrats.”

With a phrase like that, you’re going to want to do something special to stand out.


Announced: 10 Dec 2013

Submission Date: 2 Jan 2014

Short List: 3 Jan – 19 Jan 2014

Winner Announced: 20 Jan 2014

Word Count: 600– 1200

Prizes: $150 (AUD or equivalent)

Eligibility: Open to everyone