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Short List

The Day Dial Up Saved The World by Amber McGlothlin (Winner!)

 The Cosmic Virus by Joey To

 Application for PCC32 by Brooke Edwards




This week we asked our illustrious webmaster to define the award.

“Aliens,” he said. “Taking over the world.”

So there you have it, a topic from a guy who spends all day staring at code.

To narrow  things down a little, let’s make it an email conversation, between two or more aliens (or maybe some are humans as well) . Perhaps the Aliens are preparing their secret plot, or have already put it into action. Why do aliens use email? Because Facebook won’t recognise extraterrestrial marriage, that’s why.

Enjoy the award. Details below.



Announced: Feb 22 2013

Submission Date: March 10 2013

Short List: March 11- March  25 2013

Winner Announced: March 26 2013

Word Count:700 – 1200

Prizes: $200

Eligibility: Open to everyone