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This Way by Sherry Landow (Winner!)

Seeing Red by Aaron Maltz

 Control by Nathan Boole

 Purgatory High by Joey To

Create a piece of fiction no longer then 300 words that deals with the theme Rites of Passage for Young People.

The piece must reference lyrics to a song not written by the author. The lyrics may be used partially, and you may choose to incorporate them as lyrics, dialogue, or in some other creative format. Please make reference to the song(s) you have used in your submission notes.

There are no genre requirements. Entrants are encouraged to write in whatever genre, time period, setting, they so choose, and find creative methods to incorporating the chosen lyrics.



Announcement: Dec 3rd 2012

Submission Date: Dec 8th 2012

Short List: Dec 10-15 1012

Winner Announced: Dec 16 2012

Word Count 300

Prizes $50 (First Prize) Eligibility to MAYAN INVITATIONAL (Short List)

Eligibility: Open to everyone