‘Proof’ That John Snow Isn’t Dead

Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

Even when Director David Nutter told POTUS that Jon Snow was “Deader than dead,” we still didn’t believe it.

Jon can’t be dead. He’s one of our favorites.

There’s plenty of reason to believe Jon is gone. Apart from being stabbed a bunch of times, the series has never played nice with heroes. Since Ned Stark’s brutal beheading in Season One fans of the books have cautioned TV watchers that worse was to come.

Now followers of the book and the TV show find themselves on equal footing, waiting desperately to find out if Jon is dead, or maybe just what his death means.

If reports of actor Kit Harrington traveling to Belfast weren’t enough to convince you that he’s not ‘Gone Gone’, then get a load of this.

HBO recently announced an ‘In Memoriam’ sale, offering discounts on merch related to characters that are already dead, even including Sansa and Robb’s direwolf figurines.

As reported at Winter is Coming just about everyone who has passed on is included in the sales. From Ned and Joffery to Renly Baratheon and Khal Drogo.

You know who’s not in the discounts.

Our boy Jon Snow.

His absence is conspicuous enough to raise even more doubts about the truth of his demise.

And I’m a Jon Snow fan. So here it is, I’m calling it. He might be dead, but Deader than dead? No way!

To honour the Undead, I’ve added a new prompt to Fantasy Writing Prompts.