Proofreading and Editing Services

We provide high quality and engaging editing services at 0.5 cents a word plus a $2 flag fall per 1000 words* for manuscripts of any length, be they full length novels, short stories, excerpts, or non fiction work. 

What’s included in the edit?

The edit includes two complete reads of your manuscript, a structural breakdown, line edit and commentary. We don’t just highlight the problems, but speak to solutions using examples from positive aspects of your work. We’ll also offer an hour long ‘chat’ over Skype, Hangouts, Messenger etc for any manuscripts over 30 000 words.

How do I book?

Booking couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Draft an email to needleinthehaywritingcomp (@)
  2. Use the following as your subject header –  Request For Manuscript Edit
  3. Include your manuscript as an attachment and your full name  and the number of words in the manuscript.

We’ll reply within 24 hours with an ETA and quote. If you have a deadline, please let us know in your email so we can factor that into our scheduling.

Got questions? Want to add more to your manuscript? Drop us a line anytime. We have a pretty fast response rate and can accommodate most changes.

Want a free read through of your manuscript?

Our 6 & 12 month workshops offer a complimentary read through of your manuscript as part of the workshop process. They are 1-on-1 programs that offer a wealth of opportunities to take a new or existing idea to the next level. Find out more about them here.

Or you could qualify for our subscription referral prize. Find out more about that here.


*Flagfalls are rounded up:

So for a 2000 word edit the fee is $4 (flagfall) + $10 (0.5c per word)= $14

For a 10 000 word edit the fee is $20 + 50 = $70

For a 60 000 word edit (length of an average manuscript) the fee  is$120 + $300 = $420


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  1. Fantastic! I will definitely need editing service once I’m done with my first novel. It will be around the 60 000 words mark. Given my time spent on NiTH, I am confident my final draft will be in great hands.

    Saving, starts…now.

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