Puppy Love Part 2 | Georgia Willis

Part 2 of Georgia WIllis’ Puppy Love series.


Puppy Love Part 2

Georgia Willis

Two The Nines Award: Part 2

Creaking open, heavy boots stepped into the Inn, the sun lighting up the silhouette of a man who stood in the doorway. I squinted against the light, my heart hammering in my chest. The man turned his head slowly around the room, examining the massacre before me. One foot after the other he moved towards me; my breath caught in my chest as his face became visible. A maniacal grin leered at me, the scarred face a shock to my eyes.
“You scared me” I whispered, the grin faded to anger.
“No I didn’t! I was not trying to scare you.”
“Do me a favour?”
“Maybe, what?” he asked, sounding even more confused.
“You remember I was thrown out a window,” I sighed turning my head to look at him, pain shot through my back with the movement. He slowly turned his head upward, I knew he was looking at the assassin he’d strung to the roof. His gaze returned, impassive, but his eyes were on fire, I shied back slightly, even though I knew the anger was not directed at me.
“Some of the glass is lodged in my back, can you remove it?” I said trying to ignore the growing panic urging me to run. It took a few seconds for my words to register, slowly he leaned over and looked at my bloodied back.
The Inn was silent no longer. His fingers dug into the gashes in my back, flicking around looking for any glass. My throat began to burn as my voice echoed against the walls, tears streaming down my face. Darkness flickered at the edge of my vision.
“All gone” he said cheerfully, his fingers covered in blood. I was too weak to acknowledge him so just sat panting trying not to lose consciousness, if he got bored he would leave again. We sat in silence, him twirling the largest glass shard around in his fingers. I could finally feel the gashes in my back healing, the blood stopped oozing and I was finally on the mend. His sharp eyes caught mine as my strength grew.
“Once upon a time there was a man imprisoned by an ignorant woman.” he began, “The man was cursed but she did not know this. One day the woman dragged the man through a dirty village showing off her power. The man spotted a wolf sitting in the crowded village, starring at him. He knew from that moment that he needed to help this animal. So he escaped and went to find it. When he found her, he was confused; the wolf was now a woman” he said crawling over to me, his fingers touched my chin gently. “Why was the wolf a human?” he asked sullenly.
“Because she’s both” I whispered, I had always wondered if he knew what I was. When I was a young child my pack was attacked, all but myself and my mother were killed. My mother was badly injured but managed to get me to a small village, I was only 5. She died that night. I was taken in by a childless couple who raised me as their own.
“What is your curse?” I asked, not for the first time. He tilted his head like a curious dog, his eyes wide and innocent blinking at me.
“Where’s my spoon?” he asked. Confusion furrowed on my brow, his spoon?
“What are you talking about?”
“My Spoon!” I shook my head sadly and watched him as he proceeded to search the bodies looking for a spoon that probably didn’t exist.
“Why do you need a spoon?”
“Not A spoon, MY spoon!”
I sighed again and slowly climbed to my feet. He ignored me as I stumbled to the door. I opened the door and stepped out onto the warm path. The sun blinding my eyes, I steeled myself against what I was going to do, my body trembling. My scream echoed through the town and turned into a howl. My body twisted as my body changed. Panting at the effort, I looked back in the Inn. I was being watched sadly, I turned and walked out of the village. I didn’t care if he followed me, I was tired of being hunted. And the only way of stopping it was to cut the head off the snake. As I reached the outskirts of the town, a voice echoed after me. Happy hunting.