Puppy Love Part 3 | Georgia WIllis

Part 3 the Puppy Love series by Georgia Willis sees our two canine protagonists reunite in the forest. 

Puppy Love

Part 3

Georgia WiIlis

To The Nines Award Part 3

I watched the fluffy grey tail of my wolf bound through the town. It was strange watching the human girl contort painfully into a wolf, but strangely she looked better that way, far more deadly. I told her to hunt happily, why had I done that? Who was she hunting? Oh well it didn’t matter. I would follow her and see. Turning from the inn, I ambled down the street. The buildings were quiet; shutters tapped against window frames.

Curiosity got the better of me and I looked in one of the seemingly empty buildings. A woman lay dead on the ground. Flies buzzed around her and she was beginning to smell. I thought for a minute. What had killed this town? I crept inside and sat next to the body staring perplexed at the claw marks on her back. Why did humans have to smell so much when they died? As if their filthy presence on this planet wasn’t enough, they die and have to let anyone in a few kilometers range know it. I stretched out my hand against the claw marks. My hand matched. Frowning I wondered; had I done this?

I moved to the next house, the same again, a stinking dead woman clawed to death. Sighing I left the town. Why I killed these people I couldn’t remember; but it was surely for a good reason. Else why would I have done it? I would find my wolf and ask. She would know. I followed her paw prints out of the town and into the forest. She had been injured, I doubted she would have gotten that far ahead of me.

Three days later I found her. She sat, once more a human girl, by a small fire huddled naked in the cool night air.

“The wolf would not be cold” I sneered as I squatted by the fire. She looked at me tiredly.

“A wolf can’t make a fire either” she replied dryly

“Why did I kill that town?” I asked curiously. She looked at me with a mixture of disbelief and sadness.

“An assassin attacked me, you seemed to decide that the entire town should die. Again.” She replied. Well that seemed reasonable, if there was one assassin surely the town would be harbouring another. Safer to kill them all. I played her words again through my mind. She had said again.

“Again? You mean I have killed them twice?” I asked now confused, when I kill something it stays dead.

She smiled sadly at me and shook her head.

“You don’t remember do you?” she said pity in her eyes.

“Explain” I snapped, I could feel the anger, the beast inside stirring. If she wasn’t careful she would feel exactly what those humans had; apparently twice.

“That was not the first town you have killed because an assassin came after me” she said hugging her arms to her chest and turning to stare at the fire. Her tone calmed me instantly. She didn’t fear me, nor did she hate me. She accepted me, and what I had done. I mimicked her and hugged my arms to my chest starring into the fire. This was why I had followed her. She belonged to me just as much as I belonged to her. I kept her safe, and she kept me sane. Well to an extent, anyway. I felt a tear run down my face. I truly was insane, something I hadn’t thought possible. If I had had a heart I think it would have broken.

I hadn’t heard her move, but she wiped the tear from my face.

“Hush now, we have a big day tomorrow. Tomorrow we kill the woman sending these assassins after me”

I looked at her and saw a reflection of the beast that lived inside me. The pure rage and determination. I smiled and opened my mouth to speak, when I heard a noise. Standing up I looked into the darkness. I saw the arrows before they hit, but if I had moved my wolf would have been hit. The impact staggered me back. My wolf screamed as an arrow hit her.

“Kill me will you?” I spun snarling as more arrows hit me. I fell to my knees. The princess was standing not ten feet away, smugness gleaming on her face. My wolf, an arrow in her arm ran into the forest, trying to escape. I wished her luck. Blood loss was making me dizzy, I was losing consciousness, and when that happened I knew it would be the end. No one went up against this woman and won.