Puppy Love Part 8 | Georgia Willis

Puppy Love Part 8

Georgia Willis

To the Nines Award Part 8

I snuck carefully into the princess’s room, it was no different from the last time I had been here. Though then I had been naked, bloody and bound.

The memories swirled in my mind and threatened to take over. Noises and images I knew weren’t real assaulted me from all sides. I fell to my knees clutching my sides. Why was I here? I needed to leave, nothing good ever came from this room. I scrambled up and ran towards the door, tripping over my own feet as they caught in the thick plush carpet. I hissed as I landed on something sharp. Snatching at the item I ripped it out of my clothing. I blinked, once, twice, and suddenly I felt calm again.

It was my spoon! And I was here to kill the woman who had spent so long tormenting me. I looked around the room with new eyes. The soft purple drapes still framed the window seat, and the plush blood red carpet surrounded the wooden platform she used to string up her victims, still sat centre stage. The walls were lined with what could only be called torture implements, hooks and knives, whips and chains, all blood soaked, most of it mine.

I gritted my teeth against the memory, the humiliation. A knife in her sleep was too good a death. I looked towards the dwindling fire in the grand marble fire place, that is how she would die, consumed by fire. I decided to hide under the wooden four poster bed and wait for her to arrive.

It felt like an eternity that I waited for her to return and fall into her drug induced sleep, but finally it happened. The bed shifted above me and I heard her sigh shortly before the soft sounds of her sleeping. I crept out and stood above the woman who had spent her life stripping me of my mind. Barely a wisp of a woman, but the person inside was pure evil.

Silently I walked over to the fireplace and used the poker to skewer a piece of burning wood. Slowly I walked around the room shedding embers which quickly caught alight on the carpet. The idea of being consumed by fire, ending it all; sounded more and more appealing. I wanted to burn with her. The princess and her tormented creature both lost to a terrible fire. I dropped the poker and wood to the floor, the carpet catching alight and licking at my shoeless feet. I cringed, but knew it would be over soon.

I automatically put my hand in my pocket for my spoon as I waited. The cool metal brushed against my fingers and I jerked my hand out. If I stayed it would melt. That was unacceptable. The fire had taken hold of the room, and smoke was making it difficult to see, but I knew my way in this room. The flames bit deeply into my flesh as I fumbled with the heavy wooden door. But finally it opened spewing smoke into the corridor. Coughing I fell to my knees. Guards rushed past me into the room for the princess. I began to crawl away.

Small hands grabbed me and hoisted me up. I came face to face with the witch’s daughter, the profit. Without a word she helped me down the stairs to the sound of a woman screaming in terrible pain, I smiled. We walked out into the courtyard, there was far too much commotion for anyone to be worrying about us. The smoke had burnt my lungs and I found I couldn’t speak. I gasped trying to ask where Lucy was, but the profit ignored me. She dumped me in the back of a wagon, and scrambled up after me. We left through the city gates, the castle in flames, the princess burning, and my Lucy nowhere in sight.