Reader’s Poll – Top books of 2020

Thank you dear readers for voting. As always, your choices delight and surprise us.

Only two classic novels make it into the top five this year.

So without further ado…drum roll…

1. Putin – Megalomaniac or Superhero, Christina Gorbachev

Two years after his assassination at the hands of a Crimean rebel, Christina Gorbachev examines Putin’s achievements, comparing them with those of Stalin and other famous Russian leaders. This is a good attempt to explain Putin’s actions to puzzled Westerners.

2 Lily, JK Rowling

Surely all that needed to be said about a certain boy wizard has already been said? A resounding ‘No’, from you, the readers. So this is it, Harry Potter the prequel. Someone more cynical than me might say that JK Rowling has been spending too freely if she needs to top up her millions already.

3 The Rise of Brazil, Olivia Gonzales

Brazil burst onto the world stage after the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, and shows no signs of stepping out of the limelight anytime soon. This book deals with Brazil’s role as de facto leader of the Latin American countries and its role as a new superpower. The Chinese may be a bigger superpower, but the Brazilians are, like their football, infinitely more exciting.

4 The Tweetverse, CrowdSourced

Should this even be in the list? Technically, it’s not yet a book, isn’t finished and has millions of authors. You can’t even buy it, only buy into the project. But you’ve voted this bite-sized multi story right into fourth place.

5 The Library, Marcus Bearing

The first new writer in this year’s list. His tale of life and death in an abandoned library opens like a classic crime noir fiction. The story unfolds into a tangled web of deceit and half truth, made all the stranger by the author’s insistence that his book should be published only in physical form. Older readers will remember physical books, yet the vote that propelled this one into the stratosphere came mostly from younger readers. You’re lapping it up.