-          I’m here! The door was open! – Angie called out as she was closing the door.

–          In the kitchen! – Jess replied.

The clock in the hallway was counting final seconds to 11PM. Angie looked at it for a moment and while passing through the dining room, she remembered she had forgotten her toothbrush. She leaned her head on the kitchen door just to enjoy Jess, who was standing with his back to her. While scratching one foot with the other, her shorts jeans outlined the oval shapes she had. The silky blond hair was spread out on her shoulder down to the elbow. She turned around.

–          Hey!

–          Hey gorgeous! – Angie went to kiss her. Their breasts touched each other. She looked at Jess’s hand and shuddered. – Jesus! Is that blood?

–          No! No, this is definitely a tomato paste. Not blood! I told you on the phone that I’m making pizza.

Angie took the dirty fingers and put them in her mouth one by one and eagerly licked the tomato sauce from each one of them.

–          Let me be your vampire! – she said. After licking her own juicy lips, she brushed Jess’s hair back and passionately kissed her on the neck.

With a giggle the blond girl drew back and left the kitchen. Seconds later she came back with a bottle of red wine and two glasses she put on the bar. While Angie was pouring wine, Jess asked what was the plan for the evening.

–          We can watch a scary movie, and then maybe a pillow fight or even something much more interesting! – Angie answered, winking with a temptress’s smile.

The moment the glasses clinked, the stove timer’s bell rang. The pizza was ready. They sat on the sofa in the dining room and started watching a vampire movie.

It was nearly midnight when a sudden chill came into the dining room, where Jess and Angie were huddled on the sofa next to each other in the dark. Uncomfortable feeling came over Jess. She turned her head back to see if there was anybody there. And there it was – overhanging black shadow of an unknown figure. Jess jumped in horror and started screaming.

–          WAIT! CALM DOWN! – said the shadow’s voice in panic. Seconds later the lights were on. It was Pete.

–          WHAT THE HELL!!!- Jess continued screaming, still in slight fear.

–          Just chill! Angie told me to come by, because your mother’s not home! The door was open and I saw you two huddled on the couch, so I decided it would be fun to startle you. Wasn’t funny! Sorry!

–          Why is he here? – The question was to her friend.

–          I didn’t know you’ll mind, and besides, he can be of help later this night! – she answered with a naughty tone in her voice.

–          Oh, just stop it already!

–          I’m also not here for that… – Pete said nervously. With loud strokes the clock in the hallway began noting midnight. – I came for something else, I came to…

Pete couldn’t end what he was trying to say. Agony was written on his face. In seconds the color of his eyes changed from dark brown to translucent blue, his skin turned white, and his full lips, incapable to hide his razor-sharp canines, became blood-red. Everyone in the room knew what was happening. Bleary eyed, the two girls couldn’t stop screaming. Angie’s knee-jerk reaction was to grab a heavy crystal vase and to crash it into his head. Pete grasped her and with the lightness of a feather, tossed her to the wall. Seeing this, in even greater horror, Jess ran up the stairs to find a place to hide. With tears in her eyes she was trying to open every door she had reached. In the panic she remembered that the keys to the rooms were downstairs. Pete was walking slowly up the stairs and was calling her by name: “Jessica…Jessica…”. The only choice, that Jess had, was the attic, where no one had set foot in years. In the dark and musty smell, she realized that there was no place to hide. Sobbing, she crouched in a corner, sensing the approaching death. The attic door creaked and light came into the room. The silhouette of Pete appeared more black and sinister than before. He stood directly in front of her.

–          Jessica… I came to tell you something! – He stepped forward. – I came to tell you that I am…

Before finishing his sentence, a metal blade slashed his chest and flashed into the light. He collapsed in Jess’s legs. It was Angie, standing at the door, panting and trembling. With a last effort before finally close his eyes, he whispered:

–          I am your father!

–          Daddy!?




Gabriela says:

The reason why I think this submission is bad is obvious. The story is tacky and corny. It includes everything needed for failure…or for a low-budged horror movie, or, let’s be honest – porn. There is the vampire story, the two stupid lesbian girls, the running up the stairs, the ridiculous surprising end, which portends Part 2. But still, better love story than “Twilight” :).