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My Neighbour TL:DR Award


Darling Sinara,

How have you been? I know that it is a long time since I even called or messaged you. But, since I still have your address and don’t have the courage to tell you in person, I think this is the best way to break it to you.

I was a good friend of your mother’s. I do not know if she told you this, but the neighbourhood kids and we were as thick as thieves. No matter what, we would always look out for each other.

But, one of our friends got pregnant in high school. Her family, the Fullers, turned out to be cold-hearted people, who disowned her. Too bad, there were my neighbours. We all were angry with them for shunning her and her unborn child out of their lives, but not your mother.

Except for your mother. She had faith for her sake, that one day they will turn around and take her back. Unfortunately, my friend died while giving birth.

We all were angry with them and tried our best to make them pay for what they did. We filled their front yard with toilet paper and garbage during Halloween, entangling the lights of their huge Christmas tree which brought their decorations down, even going to the extent of breaking their window pane glass with our ball…

I dunno if I have time to tell you everything. We go way back, my neighbour and I. There’s a bit of history there, but I never thought they were capable of… This.

It happened a few months ago when he had found out about his granddaughter’s car accident. The car had dashed an electrical pole, putting out the power in the entire neighbourhood. Nevertheless, even in the darkness, she was rushed to the hospital. The doctors had informed us that she had kidney failure and she needed a transplant, but none of us was a match. We had given up hope.

We were there at the hospital with her, when Mr Fuller arrived at the hospital. He seemed to be crying, which we thought was strange for a man who had disowned his daughter. We wanted to stop him, but he mumbled something to the doctor and they walked away together. A few hours later, they were prepping her up to take her to the Operation Theatre. He was a match. Even if there was a risk to his life, he wanted to do it to fix what was broken.

There were complications during the procedure, and he did not… make it. But, you should know that he passed away peacefully, knowing that he had saved his granddaughter’s life.

Your life.

Yes, dear, he was your grandfather. The man who you were searching for. The man who gave you company before the transplant. The man who gave up his life for yours.

I knew it was him all along. I was angry when he was alive, but now…

I write this to you to tell you that, if you ever wanted to know who your family was, this is the memory I want you to hold on to. And hope that one day, when you sit among the stars, you will have the moments with him that you deserve.

Till then…

Yours Truly,


My Neighbour TLDR Award