Ritual Cyber Attacks in Harbourtown

Saw this in the paper this morning. Nestled way back in the Tech Section of the Harbourtown Times. Strange things are afoot.

Cyber Attacks continue on Harbourtown Corporate Websites

by Jacinta Lockhardt

Artificial Intelligence Manufacturer Ceredyne Industries reported a third crash of it’s web services this week as hackers continue their malicious sweep of the net.

What began last month as a series of DDOS attacks has escalated to hacking, data theft, and the placing of strange sigils at the addresses of captured sites.

Lieutenant Dennis Magori of Harbourtown Police, Cyber Crimes Division, spoke to reporters earlier today.

“It’s clear what we’re dealing with is an unsavoury element, intent on causing randomised chaos. Cyber Crimes continues to work around the clock to ensure that your data is protected, and that business resumes as soon as possible.”

When pressed if these attacks were related to similar sigils found in and around the city, Magori answered simply, “No.”

Sources inside the Harbourtown Police Force claim otherwise, with one individual who wished to remain anonymous stating “Cyber Division works outside the Force. They’re a law unto themselves.”

Meanwhile, Metro still has no leads on who has been leaving strange sigils around the city. Another two were found overnight, both constructed from LEDs, cables and computer parts. City Services is still discovering and removing hundreds of stickers placed over street lamps that appeared, in a blitz, a fortnight ago.

These sigils are said to bear a resemblance to the patterns appearing in the cyber attacks. Their actual meaning though, remains a mystery.

Did some research on Jacinta. Seems she might be legit. Probably won’t last long then. Last time I checked Harbourtown Times served at the pleasure of the SHINE. God knows how she got that one past the editors. As for Lieutenant Magori, that guy’s as rotten as the come.

Part of me can’t help but wonder if this is Alphabot up to his old tricks, trying to get my attention, lure me out of hiding. Word around here is that it’s probably some new wave hacker activists, the Cyber Mystics.  Can’t say I’ve heard of them. More research is required.