Katrina Miller stood at the door awaiting the arrival of her husband. They were married for one year upon their parents request. Patrick, her husband did manipulative things to her. In fact, both of them were manipulating each other. They grew up in the village Amri and both their parents felt that they would have made a great couple. So they granted them their wish and a extravagant wedding was thrown in the Bahamas.

” I am home. Where are you?”

” I’m in the kitchen.”

” Why do you have to be so impatient?”

” I saw your facebook status.”

” I’m in front of you. Try and beat that.”

” Whatever. I am going to bed”

” Someone sounds like they are upset.”

Katrina retired angrily to bed leaving her delighted husband downstairs at the dinner table. The next morning Katrina had left her home pretty early. She was in Amri preparing a documentary on the individuals whom were living there. Her husband realized what was going on and he quickly got dress and headed to the area, distributing clothing and food stuff to the residents, Katrina ended the documentary and assisted her husband. He made fun of the fact that the residents were interested in having clothing to put on their backs and meals to place in their system. She told him that they were going to enjoy the fun day that she was creating to raise funds for the community.

Later that evening Patrick crawled up to bed beside his wife.

” Why are you staring me?”

” No reason. I like your smell.”

” Good for you.”

” Come on, you are not gonna just lie there and…”

” And what?”

” Do I have to spell it out?”

” Maybe.”

Katrina moved on top of her husband and had begun caressing his neck.”

Two weeks later Patrick had complained of being ill. He was coming down with the flu and his wife had taken extremely good care of him.

After he was healed, he sat his wife down and asked her to give him a chance to work out their relationship and she told him that he had only said that because she had taken care of him while he was ill. Just then he clutched onto his head, blood had begun to flow form his nose and he collapsed in his wife’s arms. She called out to her housekeepers whom had assisted her to take him to the hospital.

He was rushed into the main operating theatre upon arrival at the hospital. His mother, Cindy had noticed that she was not herself and she asked her what was wrong. She told her not to worry at first, but on insisting she told her everything in the end. Cindy had begun blaming Katrina for her son’s condition,and upon his discharge he had thrown his wife out of their home after the lies that his mother had told him. She also lied to him about his wife’s unborn child’s father.

He filed for divorce and his mother had brought a new woman into his life, Esther.

Eventually, after three months of torture the truth was out. Patrick found out what his mother and girl friend had done and he threw both of them out of his life. He apologised to his wife.

Two years later his mother turned up at his door to attend his twins birthday party and he attempted to throw her out, however he told her to apologise to his wife genuinely which she did and he told her she was free to see her grand children.

Amri was also transformed, they made a park for the children a hospital was built, homes were provided for the residents as well as jobs for the unemployed.