Serial Fiction | Bug Out: A NuSpace Misfits Adventure by Ollie Rossman – Episode 10

Victoria makes friends with her alien, I hope it’s a long and prosperous friendship.


A NuSpace Misfits Adventure

by Ollie Rossman

Episode 10

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Doing their best to be quiet, the others got out their carbine pistols, squat submachine guns with a long magazine running across the top. The butt folded away to the side when it was carried making it ultra portable. To shoot, the user just had to unfold the butt and once it clicked in it was good to go. Spike had her long range laser rifle up and ready.

The two bugs stood there in front of Victoria not moving. Victoria thought back to her early classes on Earth biology. There were plenty of insects on Earth that people looked dangerous but were actually completely benign. Maybe these bugs were just misunderstood. She took a step forward. In response the two bugs took a tentative step forward.

The rest of the crew didn’t know what to do. Victoria didn’t seem scared or even that concerned so they held off from firing. Generally everyone tended to trust Victoria’s opinions; she was the model student, went to every class and seemed to know everything. Sure she might be a bit arrogant and bossy but then she was also right about most things. Well things that involved facts and learning at least.

As Victoria inched closer the bugs moved their spindly arms slowly towards her and in response she began to stretch out her own an arm. Then a thought crossed her mind, there are as many dangerous bugs on Earth as there are harmless.

Before she could turn, one the bugs grabbed Victoria in its pincers and pushed her to the ground. It dropped its body onto hers and at the last moment the base of its carapace split in half forcing her into its body. It happened so fast, they crew barely had time to work out what was happening before the other bug jumped forward to attack Doc. The crew opened fire on the attacking bug, flechettes turning it to mulch. In the meantime the bug that had ingested Victoria took advantage of the distraction and fled.

“Oh my god, Victoria,” moaned Jules.

Edwina walked up to Herb and took his carbine. She flicked the safety back on and folded the butt. “What did I tell you? Only in emergencies,” she told him sternly before passing the gun back. Herb nodded sullenly.

“What do we do?” asked Doc.

“We have to get out of here, there’s going to be more of them,” said Daemon.

“What about Victoria?” said Doc.

“What can we do? That bugs long gone and even if we caught up with it, she’s probably dead already,” asserted Daemon.

“We have to do something,” pleaded Jules.

Edwina nodded. “Daemon’s right, we’ll never catch that bug. Victoria’s dead. Herb, say a few words.”

Before he had a chance they heard a woof woof woof high above them. It was Dronie.

“More bugs,” said Jules.

“Get to the HQ,” said Edwina, grabbing her gear. The others followed, packing up their gear and turning towards the largest structure in the abandoned town. Spike climbed down from the edge of the dorm and grabbed the survival kit Father had dropped. The crew ran down the empty street to the HQ, bursting through the doors Daemon waited until everyone was inside before he locked the doors with a flick of his touchpad. Herb ran into Doc and they both collapsed. Breathing heavily Spike slid to the floor.

Edwina holstered her carbine and scanned the room; spartan tables with enough seating for about two hundred people. beyond that, another area with couches and big ultra-res wall screens and VR pods. They were in a combined mess and break out room. It felt weird being in a space that should have been full of people when it was so quiet and empty. Eerie almost. But they were safe.

Edwina sighed. Well, most of them were.

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