Serial Fiction | Bug Out: A NuSpace Misfits Adventure by Ollie Rossman – Episode 3

Victoria and Doc head to the biolabs, but will they stop Spike in time? 


A NuSpace Misfits Adventure

by Ollie Rossman

Episode 3


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“Whatever’s the matter,” said Doc, almost dropping the injector.

Victoria placed her hand over her mouth. “What have you done to your hand?”

“Why this,” said Doc, holding his palm. “I was having trouble working the droppers on some of the latest test batches. So I thought I’d add an extra finger.” He wriggled his fingers and Victoria counted in her head. One, two, three, four, five and a thumb.

“Oh, Doc.”

“Aren’t you ever curious what it would be like to have an extra finger.”

“No,” said Victoria, snapping back to reality. “I’m too busy trying to keep this whole place from falling apart.”

She marched out the room with Doc in tow, still wearing the magnifier on his head. The biolabs were across from the med bay. True to form, Herb lay on a couch along the wall. Soft electronic beeps played from a music box in the corner, and the walls and ceiling were alive with tints of neon live-paint, a synthetic intelligence that moved according to sound. Victoria made a fist and slammed the light switch, flooding the room with bright fluorescence.

“Hey,” said Herb, his heavy lidded eyes squinting. “What’s the big idea.”

Victoria marched straight past him, into the lab marked “Experimental.”

“Spike,” she yelled, “Spike I know you’re in here.”

Spike was crouched in the corner, cupcake crumbs all over her grey security overalls, pink icing coated her fingers.

“Doc, get over here!”

Spike looked up with glazed eyes. “My stomach hurts,” she moaned.

“Of course it hurts,” Victoria “You ate a tray full of cakes.”

Spike rolled her head to the side. “Two trays,” she warbled.

Doc crouched down next to them. “I’m just going to give you a shot, my dear.”

“I don’t want a shot.” Spike’s hand wandered over the empty side holster on her belt. Father had only ever permitted her a practice light-gun, and Captain Edwina hand confiscated it after the incident with the life boats.

“Hold still,” said Victoria. “You know what happens when you have too much sugar,” she forced a smile, knowing from her studies that it was good for morale. “You’re the security officer. You’re supposed to be protecting these sort of things.”

“Ha,” snorted Spike as Doc administered the sedative. “Protecting cupcakes!”

Herb had floated into the room, chewing on a piece of pink coloured fruit. “Hey, what’s going on.”

“Just giving Spike her medicine,” said Doc. He stood up looked at Herb. “All done, no thanks to you.”

Herb ignored Doc’s challenge, preoccupied with something else.

“You alright Spike?” he asked.

“Of course she’s alright,” said Doc, but Herb was already pushing past and kneeling next to Victoria.

“If she’s alright, why’s she turning green?”

From a dark corner of the lab there was a muffled laugh. Victoria shot to her feet in time to see Daemon emerging from behind a large fern. In one hand he held a tray of cupcakes.


Daemon grinned, brown hair sliding down one side of his face. “I replaced the cupcakes with a sugar free batch,” he grinned. “Gotcha!”

Spike moaned. Her pallor was greening by the minute.

“I think she’s going to hurl,” said Herb.

Victoria was about to smack Daemon across the face when there was a commotion outside the lab and a figure burst through the door. Disheveled, gaunt, wild eyed, and wearing rank epaulets on her galactic navy coat.

“Captain Edwina,” said Doc, patiently. “Are you here for your checkup? I feel like it’s been months.”

The Captain had barely left her quarters in half a year. Between that and Doc’s penchant to stay in his lab it probably had been months since they had seen each other. Edwina scanned the room in a crazed frenzy.

“What’s wrong?” said Victoria.

“We got problems,” said Edwina. “Big problems.”

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