Serial Fiction \\ Clementine 1.2: Y for Yanmos, Deadsands, No Harm at All \\ by Jonna Hurst


Episode 2 of Clementine picks up where episode 1 left off. After slaying the Spineback Wyatt Stone decides to investigate what exactly the beast was doing so close to Appletree. While far across the wasteland, folks are getting drunk in the Gramaphone Electric Saloon and Bar. Unaware that their lives are about to be turned upside down.



1. Y for Yanmos
  • Wyatt Stone makes a discovery
2. Deadsands
  • A new face appears at the Gramaphone Electric Saloon and Casino
3. No Harm at All
  • An unlikely encounter spurs Stone further into the wasteland


Episode 1 

Y for Yanmos

It was mid morning by the time Wyatt Stone had removed all the teeth from the dead Spineback. He wrapped them in a kerchief and buried them in the satchel along with the pliers. Then he wiped his bloody hands on the dirt and on his shirt. He was about to turn back and head home when he thought of old Hoster up on his farm counting out his missing stock. He was the Sheriff, and now he’d thought about it he was obliged to help.

Stone shouldered his rifle and wandered up the canyon to where the yak lay in a mess of bloody bones and hairy flesh.

He couldn’t see Hoster’s branding anywhere on the beast or any other branding for that matter, so he followed the trail of dried blood in the grey sand. Further along in the shadow of the rock wall lay something brown and slick. He went over and kicked it with his boot and it unspooled.

A harness.

Stone got down on one knee and turned it over in his hands. Splotched with dried blood and yak gut but the insignia was visible all the same. A blue badge of three yellow chevrons pointed inward, their inline forming a symmetrical Y.

Y for Yanmos Corporation; the folk that ran the merchant convoys out in this part of Midtern.

Stone counted back the days on his fingers. The convoy out of Deadsands was due in Appletree any day. Cursing, he turned back up the canyon. Stone didn’t want to think what this all meant but he thought it all the same.