It is a truth universally acknoweledged that a writer, upon discovering yet another rejection, must be in need of some reply

Like chilren in an oprhange authors are told to bite their tongues when it comes to speaking out on this particular subject. By all means, write as many stories as you can, but when it comes to why ‘we’ need ‘them’, yours is not the place to question why. It’s above your paygrade.

Publishers are simply to busy, you see. They don’t have the time… The whole industry’s in crisis good fellow, don’t you know. Even Needle In The Hay has fallen on hard times. They’re advertising now.

So let’s let bygones be bygones. Forgo the sentimentality and get to business. After all, fiction is big business, and all these reflecting, this pondering, this… Writing… is getting in the way of what you can here for.

The Short List

Dottier Than Mini Mouse’s Dress \ Deb Stanbridge

Note To Self \ Ian Harrison

To The Editor At Needle In The Hay \ Charlie A Novak

What Are You Doing With Your Life \ Boston Moon

Dear Mr Drizzley \ The Literary Fairy

Aim High \ Joey To

The Prince Needs Your Help \ MF