A Fake Review Writing Contest | The Clone Ebert Award {Closed}

Fake Review Writing Contest

A chance to break our your inner troll. Write a highly emotional or satirical review of a film or TV show that doesn’t exist in the CLONE EBERT Fake Review Writing Contest.


The CLONE EBERT Writing Contest

A Fake Review Short Story Contest

Fake Review Writing Contest

Short List & Winners Announcement

Read the full short list and winners announcement here.

Writing Prompt

Come up with an idea for a TV series of film and the write a fanatically scathing, satirical or overly praiseworthy review.

Try to convey a sense of what the film is about in the review, and make use of the unreliable narrator technique. After all, most critical are pretty unreliable!

Also, make the film a sequel of some kind, just to keep everybody on their toes.

Short Story Contest Guidelines

Follow the guidelines as best as you can, but don’t be afraid to express your creativity and challenge the rules and requirements.

  • Due Date

    Fake reviews are due 10 July 2015

  • Word Count

    Story should be no longer than 500 words

  • Prizes

    Winner recieves feedback of 5000 words of any manuscript of their choosing by two of NiTH’s awesome staffers. Everyone short listed receives feedback on their stories by request.

Story Requirements

  • Characters

    Consider writing the review as a character / voice. Characters from the film are up to your choosing. Same goes for the ‘actors’.

  • Setting

    The film can be set anywhere. The review can be set like a professional magazine or website review. You can also do it like a user review.

  • Special Requirements

    The film should be a sequel. It doesn’t have to be the second, it could be the 4, 5 or 7th

Entry Format

Include the title, author name and contest name like this


by Author Name

For the AWARD NAME Contest

Where Do I Enter?

You can enter at our Entries page.


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