They Walk Among Us! | The ‘Others’ Award

Some say they just arrived, while others believe they’ve always been here.

They Walk Among Us!

The ‘Others’ Award


Short List & Winners Announcement

Read the full winners announcement here.

Writing Prompt

Write about another race that lived or still lives among us. You might choose to write from the point of view of one of their species, or from the point of view of one of us who comes into contact with them.


This is an open award. Anything from Mythology and fantasy to Sci Fi and Spec Fic would be considered acceptable.

Word Count

No more than 700 of your best alien dialect.

Due Date

All entries due by 20th September 2015. There is no time zone restrictions. As long as it is Sunday somewhere then you can enter.


First prize receives 5000 words feedback from NiTH team on a story or manuscript of your choosing.

All entries received feedback from judges by request.

Entry Format

Include a cover image. Ensure that you own the rights to that image or that you have permission, or that the image carries a free license.

Also include:


Author name

(Optional) Intro – 150 characters  

How do I submit?

You can submit your story here.