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FlashThis winter has been the longest in memory, and the town’s reserves are dwindling. You have been elected (on account of drawing the shortest straw) to venture out into the cold and dark and see how the neighbouring town fares. All you have is a bedroll, some warm furs, dried meat, and your trusty lantern.

(Borrowed from Writing Prompts For Fantasy Stories)

The LANTERN’S FLAME Fantasy Writing Award

Short List & Winner Announcement

Read the full short list and winner announcement here:

Short Story Contest Guidelines

For this fantasy writing award follow the guidelines as best as you can, but don’t be afraid to express your creativity and challenge the rules and requirements.

  • Due Date

    Submissions Due on the 26 June 2015 for an early July Winner Announcement

  • Word Count

    No more than 650 words

  • Prizes

    Winner receives feedback on up to 5000 words of an original story or manuscript
    All shortlisted authors receive feedback on their stories by request.


Story Requirements

  • Characters

    The prompt implies a first person point of view, but this is not a requirement. Yo may also write from third person (or second person if you’re up to it).Character traits and the number of characters in your story is up to you. Remember to give everyone a name though.

  • Setting

    Using the prompt as your guide set it in and around a remote villiage or town. Make sure you specify a time and place, even if it’s a fantasy world (Year of the Ogre etc) this is important for readers to connect to your story.

  • Special Requirements

    Make mention of ‘eyes’ somewhere in your story, including their colour and nature (fierce, deep, belonging to an Ogre etc)

Entry Format

Include the title, author name and contest name like this


by Author Name

For the LANTERN’S FLAME Fantasy Writing Award

Where Do I Enter?

You can enter at our Entries page.

Best of luck to everyone who enters. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments