Searching for Evidence | Daniel Norrish

Shadows cross paths with lethal consequences.

The Accused:

Searching for Evidence

Daniel Norrish

The ‘To The Nines’ Award

The moon shines an abundance of light down to the surface of the Earth as Kevin uses his key to re-enter the house he’s been living in. Ben asked him not to put up any photos. The police stopped looking for Kevin’s body a long time ago and no one wanted the cops to start up that search again.

Kevin smiles to himself as he slips out the back door and sneaks up to his neighbour’s fence. The night is bright, but the bushes and trees throw down heavy shadows that make it easy to hide.

With a quick leap, he skips over the fence, crouches under the ‘crime scene’ tape and forces his way into the side door.

As soon as he’s inside, Kevin’s hit with a heavy odour. It’s organic and rotten and he thinks there’s a hint of urine in there somewhere. He’s still holding his breath when he sees the blood trail.

The crimson swatch appears black in the dark house and Kevin follows as it weaves its way through the building, into the front room. The strand of gore culminates in a wide puddle and Kevin looks around the room to see spots of blood on the white walls and roof like freckles on a child’s shoulder.

Kevin swears under his breath, no longer enjoying his evening antics. Then he notices something strange. The furniture is out of place. A heavy sofa chair has ben shifted to sit next to the window. This shouldn’t be a big deal, but Ben had said that Theresa needed two people to help her move it when she brought it home from the store; she couldn’t possibly do this herself.

Ben looks at the chair and the window beside it and realises that whoever moved it, could have used the barricade to hide while watching the neighbours. While watching him and Ben.
As Kevin ponders, a small click sounds from somewhere within the house. He squats down behind the chair and his heart begins to pound faster and heavier in his chest. A sickness enters his belly and he’s nauseous.

Is it the killer?

It doesn’t matter who it is, if he’s seen here it’s all over. All the years of planning and running, wasted.

A thin shadow slips into the dark space. It does exactly as Kevin did, following the blood trail and looking at the carnage over the walls.
It speaks slowly and softly. “How did you get in?”

Kevin pulls a long, thin box cutter from his pocket and extends the blade.

“Talk to me,” the voice says, “How did you get in here?”

Kevin is about to pounce as the figure turns and continues with, “And why did you kill her, huh?”

Kevin bites his lip and steadies himself. He moves his weight to the balls of his feet and puts a thumb on the back of the blade so he can feel where it is when he slashes. The figure moves away casually and Kevin finally understands it’s talking to itself. He’s halfway through releasing a long, nervous sigh when the dark splotch decides to do a quick lap of the room.

The person is walking towards Kevin, now they’re closer and closer again and there’s no time to think. If the figure looks down they’ll see Kevin’s bulk silhouetted against the pale carpet.

“AAAAAH! Who the-” The figure shrieks and Kevin pounces. He feels his thumb with the razor’s edge scrape over the enemy’s windpipe and flicks out beneath the ear. There’s no more screaming, just a frantic, wet gurgle then silence.

Kevin doesn’t dare turn on the light. He can feel the warm liquid all over his arms and down his front. He swears to himself, then he take’s one final look around the room. His eyes peer out a window to the street and he sees an empty police car. He looks down at the body below him and begins to comprehend exactly what he’s done here.