Fantasy Fiction Contest | The Sun and Moon Award

 A fantasy fiction contest that pits two estranged siblings into a chance first encounter. 700 Words. Due 2 August 2015. 


A Fantasy Fiction Contest


(Borrowed from Writing Prompts For Fantasy Stories)

Short Stories & Winner Announcement

Read the winner announcement and excellent stories written for this contest.

Writing Prompt

Twin sisters raised apart in separate and warring kingdoms. Each is unaware of the other until a chance meeting on neutral ground brings them together and the truth unfolds.

  1. Where does it take place?
  2. Who are these girls?
  3. How do they relate?

Short Story Contest Guidelines

Follow the guidelines as best as you can, but don’t be afraid to express your creativity and challenge the rules and requirements.

  • Due Date

    Submissions due no later than 2 August 2016

  • Word Count

    No more than 700 of your best words.

  • Prizes

    First Prize 5000 words feedback from the NiTH team on any Work In Progress
    All short listed stories receive judges feedback by request

Story Requirements

    • Characters

      The two central characters should be twins but they don’t have to be indentical.

    • Setting

      A fantasy world setting of some kind. Doesn’t have to be a trope, feel free to pioneer something new.

    • Special Requirements

      Include a chalice, cup or bowl that carries special significance.

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Entry Format

Include the title, author name and contest name like this


by Author Name

For the AWARD NAME Contest

Where do I Enter?

Enter at our Submissions page.

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