A Dangerous Love – Rayvenn | C.R. Gardner

Seven years waiting for revenge.

A Dangerous Love – Rayvenn

C.R. Gardner

The Duets and Duvets Award Part 1

Rayvenn jumped off the third floor balcony, the black coat swirling about her. She landed gracefully and began singing, “Hello, shooting-star again. I’m waiting for you. Let’s meet at night where the moon is beautiful…” as she walked to the Point, where she waited for Ulka as she had every year. Once again, he did not come.

Sighing, an ache in her heart and tears in her eyes, she gathered the night around her like a cloak and took on the form of a raven. Skimming low across the black water, searching for something to take her mind off her heartache, she sang, “I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting for you always, I keep waiting.”

Up ahead the night sky was erupting with magical signatures; half her family were there involved in a raging battle, and right now that suited her mood just fine. Lazily she teleported to where she’d seen the last signature flash. The battle damage was being contained by a magical shield; passing through it, Rayvenn shivered. ‘Ulka,’ she whispered.

Miraculously the front double doors still stood. Morphing back into human form, black feathers falling from her hair as she landed, Rayvenn spoke a Word. The doors exploded inwards; ripped off their hinges they tumbled across the room.

“I’m an assassin, one with a passion” she sang, ignoring the shocked exclamations of her family, seeing only the horrified expression on Ulka’s face, his back against the wall. Angry, she covered the distance between them encased in a magical shield of shadow and light; transforming her hand into a clawed talon Rayvenn slid it into his abdomen, angling upwards, slicing through muscle, slipping passed internal organs and arteries. She captured his beating heart, fluttering as if it were a small frightened bird, and sang softly, “I’m a killer, the best you’ve ever seen. I’ll steal your heart and you won’t feel a thing. I’m an assassin with a job to do. I’m gonna cut you, cut your heart in two.”

“Rayvenn!” he gasped.

“Seven years is too long to make a girl wait, Ulka,” she sang, “So, you’re gonna die in my arms tonight, all it takes is a twist and a tug, and you’ll die in my arms tonight.” She kissed his cheek, tears running down her face, remembering the night they’d shared seven years ago.

“Oh scheisse! Don’t kill him, Rayvenn! The contract requires him alive!’


Author’s Note: I have included a reference list of all the songs used in the story. Some of the lyrics have been slightly changed to fit with the story.

  • “Shooting Star” – Moumoon (ending theme to “Assassination Classroom” anime) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTm666EKYRs
  • “Assassin’s Creed Epic Rap” – Dan Bull https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwvQTpLjeq0
  • “Assassin” – John Mayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22C_xlt05GY
  • “I just died in your arms tonight” – Cutting Crew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dOwHzCHfgA

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  1. Finding song lyrics for the characters to sing has been fun and challenging. In part 2 I’ll make sure to highlight the lyrics to make it a little more obvious. And I’ve included links in case you want to listen to the real things 🙂

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