Puppy Love Part 6 | Georgia Willis

Puppy Love Part 6

Georgia Willis

To The Nines Award Part 6

My fingers drummed patiently on the cool stone throne. Messengers had been pestering me all day; trying to bring me the news I wanted to hear. None had succeeded. Another messenger crept into my throne room, terrified. I smiled inwardly, it had taken a lot of work to instil that much fear.

“Highness” he stuttered, slowly approaching me.

“He is nowhere to be found”.

I stopped drumming my fingers and watched the man flinch.

“How did he get out?” I asked dryly doubting the imbeciles had figured that out.

“We aren’t sure Highness. And the jailor has just died, so I’m not sure we will ever figure it out”.

I sighed and flicked my hand towards the doomed messenger.

“Please Highness” the messenger whimpered, but I was in no mood. I smiled as I walked out of my thrown room, my ruby red dress trailing me like a river of blood. The messenger screamed as the guards dragged him out. Music to my ears as I left the room in favour of the dark cell I had thought to once more trap my dog.

My eyes evaluated the cage critically. None of the bars were bent or damage, the cage door seemed to be intact. There was a drying puddle of blood from where the jailor had lain dying. There were no clues as to how he escaped.

I wandered down into another part of the dungeon, where the screams were real and raw. I would spend the next few hours enjoying myself, much to the horror of my victims. I walked up to the man stripped naked on the wrack before me. Barely touched, he screamed as he saw me. He knew what would come next. Three other men were brought to kneel on the dungeon floor. When this man’s heart gave out they would replace him.

After eight long hours all four men lay dead, the last lifeless yet still warm under my hand. It was then I walked back to my throne room, covered in blood and gore. The captain of my guards bowed as he saw me. He was a clever man, with beady little eyes and short scraggly hair. I had called for him this morning, but he knew better than to come before I had had my fill.

“Highness, we found wolf tracks in the forest, I have sent our greatest trackers out after him and the bitch” I nodded as I took my seat. I both hated and enjoyed the feeling of blood drying on me, hated the stickiness, but loved the reaction it got from the people around me. The guards all stiffened when they saw me.

“If you fail me this time, it will be you on the rack” I replied watching him squirm under my gaze.

“I won’t fail you” he replied sternly.

“You had better get out there then” I replied flicking my hand dismissing him. He bowed and left, the metal of his armour clinking as he went.

They would both be mine. I would have a pair of werewolves at my beck and call. And until they were mine my subjects would find out just how cruel I could really be.

I called for my psychic, and she was dragged in the filthy scraps of clothes I allowed her to keep. Her face was a pretty yellowish brown colour, bruised and swollen. She fell to the ground when the guards released her.

“Where is he?” I asked simply. She shook her head in defiance. The nearest guard kicked her in the side and she cried out. Silence followed for a few seconds, before she sat up.

“There is no need for you to go find them, they are coming for you” the psychic muttered. I nodded and the guards dragged her back to her cell. Excellent, they would come, and I would be waiting for them.