Talk About It | Jeanette Stampone

Love App’ens

Talk About It

By Jeanette Stampone

For the What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Award


Katie grabbed her phone with trembling hands. Her thumb skimmed over the screen as she updated her status.
Kate Hollands is in a relationship with David Frances.
Her phone whirred as notifications streamed in quickly. She didn’t have time to read them when her phone rang.
“What the hell are you thinking?!” her mother Janet screamed.
“We love each other,” Katie replied.
“You’re crazy! I’m coming over.”
Katie sighed as her mother hung up. She threw her phone down on the sofa and walked out to the garden, taking a big breath as the cool autumn air hit her face. The leaves crunched beneath her feet and she squinted as a few rays of sunshine filtered down between the clouds.
A message. Katie rushed back inside and grabbed her phone. It was David.
I love u babe.
She smiled and her heart began to race again.
The silence was abruptly broken as Janet burst through the door.
“Did you at least think to have the decency to tell me before you tell the rest of the world?” she shrieked.
“I couldn’t tell you face to face. You would go mad.” Katie felt her throat feel tense as she forced back her tears. “You just proved me right didn’t you?”
Janet sighed and sat next to her daughter, pulling her close. There they sat for a moment, each woman breathing softly. The tears Katie had been holding in streamed down her face and she began to sob. Janet held her tightly.
“I want to be happy for you, I really do. But how can this work?” She gently stroked Katie’s hair. “You hardly know this person.”
“I have known him for over a year Mum.”
“OK. Well, let’s go and see him.”
Katie jumped up from her mother’s arms.
“What? Now?”
“No. A week next Tuesday. Yes, now!”
Katie’s eyes widened and a wave of nausea rose from her stomach. She didn’t respond to her mother but picked up her phone. She stared at the screen for a few seconds before typing the message.
Mum is bringing me over. Now. Can we meet at the park?
David replied immediately.
Oh wow. Ok see u soon.
Janet drove them there while her daughter sat expressionless in the passenger seat. There was not a word spoken between them. They pulled up at a park that Katie had never been to but David had told her about. He lived nearby and came to here to jog every morning. Then he would go home, have his morning coffee, shower and get ready for work. Today was Saturday though and he would have treated himself to a cooked breakfast. Katie knew his routine well. He told her everything.
The car was warm but Katie pulled her jacket tighter around her body and began to shiver.
“Go on.” Janet said, squeezing Katie’s hand. “I can see you from here. Scream and run if he does anything, or knee him in the nuts.”
“Mum! Seriously?” Katie laughed and felt her body relax a little.
She could see a man sitting on the park bench not far from where they were parked. He was biting his nails and glancing around. She left the car and began to walk towards him. The man turned as she approached and jumped up with a startled look on his face.
“Yes David. It’s me.” she said.
“Of course. I’m sorry.” he said, staring at the ground. “I did wonder if you would actually be, well, you know…umm… you.”
“Nah. I’m really an axe murderer,” Katie teased.
David chucked and took a deep breath. This time he looked up but his eyes still darted around, never resting on her face.
“I always wanted to meet you,” he paused and swallowed, “but I was scared that maybe it wouldn’t be the same.”
“Me too,” replied Katie.
David sighed. His shoulders relaxed and he finally looked at Katie. She stared deep into his eyes and for a few seconds there was nothing else around her. She didn’t notice the leaves falling gently from the Golden Ash. She didn’t notice the excited Labrador barking at the duck on the pond. She didn’t notice her mother staring at them from the car. Then David suddenly looked away again. Katie felt like she had been rudely awoken from a blissful dream.
“Maybe we can spend some time together,” he whispered, “to get to know each other properly. Maybe go for coffee or–”
David stopped mid-sentence as Katie reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. He frowned as she swiped the screen without saying a word. Finally she looked at him and smiled.
“I’d like that,” she said, “with you–really with you.”
She turned her phone to face him.
Dating Online Application Uninstalled.