Life in a Moment | Charlie K Gorden


Fail a mission to win at life.

Life in a Moment

Charlie K Gorden

The Duets & Duvets Award Part 1

Tapping her fingers on the slim stem of a champagne flute, Vanessa, affectionately known as Ness, waited. Her satin covered calves crossed and showcased dangerous red pinprick spikes, her lips were painted to match. Waiting was never her strong suit, but she glanced lazily around the crowded restaurant. An older woman with too much blush sat bored in the corner, also waiting. A young couple giggled in fits while singing along to the soft music and caused people to stare. The waiters bustled, the kitchen rang and the bartenders worked their magic, all under the watchful eye of a skinny, efficient Maître d’. Five people in the restaurant carried weapons, some expertly concealed, others easily spotted. Vanessa noticed these things, she was paid to.

Her man arrived quietly through the front, spoke to the Maître d’ and was pointed towards Vanessa. He stood tall, at least 6’3”, wide shoulders tapered to a trim waist, long lanky legs. Ness couldn’t tell if he was built like a teenager or an MMA fighter. Not that it mattered, she would be charming either way, but it would be easier if she could appreciate him while she worked. She’d seen his photo before, but the powerful punch of his electric blue eyes was a shock. Staring into them she saw everything. Their futures were intertwined so completely that she wasn’t able to separate the strands.

She saw them on their wedding day, sparkling bright with so much joy it hurt her chest. Their first precious baby girl, and then their second. He went to work one morning with a kiss and a grin, excited to spring the pop quiz on his adored high school students. They would renew their wedding vows on their tenth anniversary, their spectacular girls beside them. They would grow old, loved and adored until they went on a cruise, a gift from their grand-kids, and were lost at sea.

Standing shocked and frozen in the restaurant, the newly discovered love of her life stood opposite, concerned. Ness was concerned too, she didn’t believe in love at first sight or psychic abilities, yet she had just seen her life play out in her mind. And oh, she wanted that life. Somehow, she had to find a way to fail her mission, to not kill the man before her. A way to give life when she only knew how to take it.