Sex and lyrics perfect in fidelity.

Perfect Strangers: Part 1

Jeanette Stampone

Duets and Duvets Award Part 1

Italics indicate song reference of ‘Perfect Strangers’ by INXS.

The clichéd tall, dark, handsome man entered the bar. Ruffled black hair and broad muscular shoulders accentuated by his fitted suit. His eyes flickered around the room before finally resting on my face.

“Good evening,” he said, holding out his hand. “I’m James.” His blue eyes twinkled; he oozed confidence and charm.

I shook his hand and smiled. “My name’s…”

He placed his fingers on my lips. “Don’t tell me your name. Just use that pretty mouth to kiss me if you want this.”

With that, James’ rough hands slipped around my waist and his lips brushed against my cheek as he pulled me close. “We could be perfect strangers,” he whispered in my ear, before lightly kissing my neck. My breath quickened as I felt his hands slide down my hips to the tops of my thighs, aware of every touch through my silk dress.

The barman coughed and we jumped apart. “Care for another drink Madam?”

“Maybe we can take a bottle upstairs,” I whispered. James nodded and took my hand. I couldn’t help but notice a gold ring on his finger. It didn’t stop me from leading him to my hotel room.

James kissed me passionately. As our bodies entwined, it felt as though we had been transported to another world, where only we existed.

Afterwards, we lay naked in the tangled sheets, our breathing synchronised as my arm wrapped around his chest. He gently lifted my arm and rising from the bed, began to dress.

“It’s been fun,” he said, zipping his pants and heading towards the door. I watched him leave before I also dressed and left the hotel. My rendezvous with the handsome stranger was clearly over.

I caught a taxi and arrived home. Yawning, I headed straight for bed, exhausted after my activities over the last few weeks.

Last Wednesday, Gary the plumber came to fix the dodgy bathroom tap. Let’s just say, his tool box was, well, impressive. The week before, I helped Chris the student with his assignment. He achieved top marks once I had finished with him.

It was fun, but now I yearned for rest.

Finally reaching the bedroom, I slipped off my dress and slid between the sheets; my head sinking into the soft pillow.

As I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep, the only sound was that of my husband’s snores beside me.